Lucy cat

Precisely formulated to support a healthy digestive system. Premium ingredients help to provide a balance of variety and nutrition to support a healthy gut environment. George C. Our foods are carefully formulated and manufactured for nutritional balance to ensure your pets are healthy from the inside out. Made with premium ingredients. Sourced locally and globally from reputable suppliers we know and trust and have worked with for years. No duck meat by-products, no chicken meat by-products, no artificial preservatives, flavors or coloring, and are made without corn, wheat or soy.

Our food, litter, shampoo and conditioners are manufactured in American facilities. We are committed to improving the lives of dogs and cats through innovative products with the latest advancements in health and well-being.

Our ammonia-blocking technology keeps finicky cats happy and consistently using their litter box. Contact Us. Phone: Local Phone Number Monday — Friday8 am- 4 pm PT. Home Victoria Moore T See the full list of our ingredients. Go to Top.T-shirts, stickers, wall art, home decor, and more featuring designs by independent artists. Find Lucy Cat gifts and merchandise printed on quality products that are produced one at a time in socially responsible ways.

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Studies have shown that borates can be irritants to the eyes and skin. Chronic exposure to borates can produce eye irritation, cough, and skin rash. Higher doses of exposure have been linked with seizures and convulsion. The EU Chemical Agency has given these molecules the classification of Category 1B, carcinogenic, mutagenic or toxic for reproduction.

Many countries including Indonesia, Canada, and Europe have banned or warned against the use of these molecules in cosmetics, household cleaners, and pesticides due to overexposure, which leads to developmental and reproductive health effects.

Europe has banned with no exception the use in cosmetic products. Our low dust, low tracking formula is non-toxic, pet safe and long lasting. We start with natural, super premium grade sodium bentonite clumping clay from the USA which produces firm, easy-to-scoop clumps. Available in Unscented and Light Lavender scent.

Best Healthy & Natural Cat Food

Ammonia quickly builds up in both ordinary clay and alternative litters. This can cause respiratory illness, digestive problems, and other ailments in cats. Studies show Cats Incredible kept ammonia at undetectable levels even after 10 days of use. Our ammonia-blocking technology also keeps finicky cats happy and consistently using their litter box.

Ammonia is the main source of unpleasant litter box odors. Without ammonia, the litter box stays fresher longer, keeping your home smelling clean! Contact Us. Phone: Local Phone Number Monday — Friday8 am- 4 pm PT. Quick-clumping formula makes cleanup easier than ever. Eliminates Ammonia Ammonia quickly builds up in both ordinary clay and alternative litters. Eradicates Odor Ammonia is the main source of unpleasant litter box odors. Go to Top.So, what are you waiting for?

Get the best cat food at Lucy Pet today! Lucy Pet takes the all-natural approach, unlike other pet food makers who use artificial flavors, chemicals, and colors in their formulas. Working with the very best nutritionists in the country, we formulated a line of healthy cat foods, made with premium, natural ingredients to deliver the exact nutrition your cat needs. When we say that our cat food is made with real proteins, we mean it; our cat foods contain no meat by-products at all.

Lucy Pet Cat Formulas also features a proprietary, advanced P. F blend, based on 40 years of research by a renowned expert in animal nutrition, Dr. George C Faheycontains complex carbohydrates to provide your cat with a healthy source of energy, dietary fiber, vitamins, and minerals. Our passion for using natural ingredients lets us create premium cat foods that are not only nutritious but delicious too!

At Lucy Pet Foods, we go above and beyond to ensure that our natural cat foods are made with only premium ingredients. Because all cats are worth it! Our diets include super-premium proteins and unique ingredients such as quinoa, pumpkin, and flaxseed to provide just the right balance and variety of fiber, which supports a healthy gut environment.

Below are some additional benefits our customers enjoy:. Like all of our other Formulas for Life pet foods, our Salmon, Pumpkin and Quinoa cat food features real fish no salmon by-productsand is one of the best dry cat foods available anywhere! This premium protein is then combined with the popular superfood quinoa for a burst of essential amino acids, and a complex carbohydrate superstar, chickpeas, for added protein, starch, and fiber.

Our Salmon, Pumpkin, and Quinoa cat food is offered in multiple sizes as dry food and will soon be available in a Salmon and Pumpkin Recipe Can as well! Find out just what makes Lucy Pet the best choice for your cat.

Switch your cat to Lucy Pet and experience the difference of our unique Formulas for Life. Contact Us. Phone: Local Phone Number Monday — Friday8 am- 4 pm PT. Dog Product Menu. Cat Product Menu. Product Information.

lucy cat

Product Reviews. Add to cart Details Quick View. Go to Top.Simply select Autoship at checkout for easy regular deliveries. Serve up the wholesome, delectable meal your precious kitty deserves with this Formulas for Life blend by Lucy Pet Products. Featuring wild Alaskan salmon, this recipe puts fish first—and only real fish, too. You won't find any salmon by-products on this ingredients list!

lucy cat

Combine that with a complex carbohydrate superstar, chickpeas, for added protein, starch and fiber. The sweet and spicy taste of pumpkin gives this meal a unique flavor edge, but also boosts your pal's diet with even more fiber—for a healthy, regulated digestive system. Instead of packing your pet's food with simple grains, Lucy Pet Products uses another popular superfood, quinoa, for its burst of essential amino acids.

Best of all, these healthful, high-quality ingredients are naturally preserved—nothing artificial—and combined with antioxidant nutrients for the health of your best friend's immune system. That's why this recipe is for life.

See all items by Lucy Pet Products.

lucy cat

Utilize the feeding guideline chart for reference only, feeding amounts may vary with age, size, activity level, breed, environment and health. Divide the total cups per day by the total number of times you feed your cat per day, to determine the portion size for each meal.

Most indoor cats are less active, so to maintain ideal weight, do not overfeed your cat. Keep food available to kittens at all times. Adjust to maintain body condition. Total may be divided into multiple feedings. Depending on litter size, feeding needs may be 2 to 4 times normal adult amounts.

Always adjust to maintain body condition. When transitioning to our higher fiber diet, some noticeable changes in stool volume may occur. This reflects a more healthy digestive tract. We recommend that transitioning be done over a 5 day period. I was trying to find something similar to Muse that has been discontinued.

I called Purina and was told to try Beyond. They sent me coupons for a free bag of food which I gratefully appreciated. Fortunately Beyond even smelled like Muse so my cat is happy again! I have had my cat coming on 4 years now. Since day 1 she has vomited after her meals - not every meal, but often enough to where its been quite a problem.

I have tried A LOT of specialty foods, slow down bowls - and nothing worked long term. Since I got her a raised bowl a necoichi bowl that I also reviewed and THIS food, she hasn't thrown up in several weeks. Her and her brother thoroughly enjoy eating this. I will be a customer for life. In a huge fan show "Lucky Dog"with Brandon McMillan and he always says his friend created Lucy food to bring best to animals. Asked chewy where is Lucy cat food. I always have 2 kinds hard food out for my cats.Vince delves pretty deep into some of the philosophies he uses and what the future may hold for tracking and sectional data.

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lucy cat

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Lucy Pet Products Formulas For Life Salmon, Pumpkin & Quinoa Formula Grain-Free Dry Cat Food

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